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Who We Are

Newly born software development company, to serve the small and medium organizations located in urban and small-towns.

Cloud computing is a relatively novel software development concept in which services and storage are provided over the Internet (or "cloud"). This enables businesses to avoid significant capital expenditure on infrastructure and software development services.

We want this cloud computing to reach to the small and medium business houses.

Lean start-up company looking to venture into coloud computing. Though it is a strat-up for cloud computing it has a long histroy.

Click-it Technologies was founded in the early nineties by Indian-born programmer Sakar.SR, after over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, as computer software developer, is now the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Formerly Click-it Technologies was known as Soft-link Systems.

Initially it was developming customized software for win-forms applications, distributed net-work applications, web-based inter-net applications, web-site development, and online virtual shops.

Click-it Technologies is unique in its approach to business, especially when it comes to customer care and satisfaction. In fact, our goal is to give each customer the utmost in personal attention and service.

Our vision to is to embracing new technologies and serve the small and medium organizations. We want them to enjoy this wonderful technologies in the business and life.

We always had a passion for making complex computing tasks simple by creating software solutions that are flexible, easy-to-use, and reliable.

So we termed our software solution as K-I-S-S meaning keep it simple and short.

We Are Good At

System design 90%

Data analysis 95%


SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j 85%

Grails and Groovy, Spring-4, Hibernate-4 90%

HTML-5, CSS-3, Bootstrap-3 95%

Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS 90%

Registered Office

  • Ailoor,
    Chennapallipalayam Road,
    INDIA - 621207.

Sales and Support Office :
  • Ramasamy Nagar
    INDIA - 641030
  • Phone: (+91) 9365833820
  • Email:
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